Results International regularly hosts and attends events designed to help clients broaden both their understanding of major trends and issues

Fast Growth Icons

Fast Growth Icons is an invitation-only network for founders of fast growing successes in order to help these stars of the future create over $100m+ revenue.

This event focuses on inspirational insights from people that have recently built highly successful businesses, and learned the lessons the hard way. It is a carefully-curated attendee list of founders with significant revenue and rapid revenue growth. The event will consist of practical tips and hands-on learning in founder-to-founders round table sessions.

Results International will be sponsoring this event alongside PWC, IDA Ireland and ESO. The last Fast Growth Icons event Results International sponsored, in London, over 70% of participants rated this event as excellent, that’s coming from the founders of established fast-growth businesses typically with 50-200 staff, $10m-$100m revenues and growing at over 50% p.a. on average.

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