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24th July 2020

The outlook for Childen’s Services providers post COVID-19

Children’s Services has been one of the more resilient areas within UK care over the last 2 years, and also one of the most active for M&A. This webinar looks at how businesses in the sector have faced the challenges posed by the COVID-19 outbreak, how conditions might look as the lock-down eases, and the […]

9th July 2020

Deal activity and valuations in the healthcare sector during COVID-19

There has been a measurable impact on healthcare deal activity and valuations as a result of COVID-19. Major equity indices experienced a remarkable dip following the COVID-19 outbreak but appear to have stabilised and recovered the lost ground. Debt market spreads, especially sub-investment grade, spiked in March but have been gradually reducing as lockdown is […]

8th July 2020

Blockchain applications in clinical trials and the impact of COVID-19

Blockchain technology first came on the scene in 2017. Since then it has generated high expectations: blockchain applications in clinical trials have always had the potential to automate outdated ways of working and rapidly piece together disparate data sets, in a secure and auditable manner. Somehow, it seems as if blockchain failed to live up […]

15th June 2020

CRO Sector Update: June 2020

The impact of COVID-19 on M&A and valuations in the CRO sectorUnsurprisingly, the CRO market, like many other sectors has been impacted markedly by the global pandemic. Global trials have been suspended as patient recruitment has become strained and operating sites closed. Pharma sponsors have begun to rethink how to adapt the drug development paradigm […]

30th May 2020

Biotech share prices in this COVID-19 era and the rollercoaster impact of remdesivir

Although the exact numbers are yet to be known, the virus has claimed nearly 220,000 lives and infected more than 3 million people globally. The COVID-19 outbreak is proving every week to be more of an economic event than a sanitary one. Numerous economic data releases from various countries every week are gloomy and prove […]

29th May 2020

The future of private equity investment in healthcare

Private equity investment in healthcare has been a driving force behind growth in the sector in recent years (read our article on the topic), and despite COVID-19, the capital available for investment is at record levels. Structural change will always create opportunity as well as challenges, and private equity should be well placed to help […]

28th May 2020

The role of AI in defeating COVID-19

Given the ever-expanding scale and rapid speed at which coronavirus is spreading, the role of AI in defeating COVID-19 has become a focal point for the life sciences sector. Artificial intelligence (AI) tools used in healthcare are set to uncover possibilities for patients, doctors, and researchers, enabling them to make more informed decisions and achieve […]

27th May 2020

Generic Pharmaceutical Market: M&A Activity

The global generic pharmaceutical market has experienced robust deal activity over the last 18 months to the end of 2019 but is now contending with the COVID-19 crisis which has had an immediate and unprecedented impact on health systems. It is yet unclear what the long-term general impact on generic drug usage will be, but […]

20th May 2020

Moderna Coronavirus vaccine trial shows promising early results and the markets move positively

Every week is a roller coaster in the current COVID-19 environment. Most of us spend Sunday evenings preparing ourselves for the upcoming week and hoping for some positive developments on the healthcare, economy, or financial markets’ fronts. Luckily, on Monday, May 18th, Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine trial shed some light at the end of the tunnel […]


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