A significant contribution towards our growth and success over the last 10 years has been made by both the skill and capability we’ve built in the team and the way people have developed themselves and their careers.

An ambitious five-year plan means we will be continuing to look for talented and motivated people to join us at CG Results. If you have a keen eye for what makes our markets tick and would like to be part of a thriving entrepreneurial atmosphere, then make sure you explore our current opportunities.

For us, the key to our success is working together and sharing our experience across every deal — we compete against our most recent piece of work, not our colleagues. Find out more about some of our valued people and their roles at CG Results by reading our stories below.

“CG Results is a company where people are genuinely keen to start work every morning… we really work to develop a collaborative culture and it’s something our clients say they value as well.”

Why do people join CG Results?

Deal Flow

Consistent deal flow where you’re always busy working on deals and not writing endless pitch decks which never go anywhere is a hallmark of the working environment. Of course this can mean you are busy all the time, working across serval deals with a wide range of team members but the learning opportunity is immense. Our commitment to work life balance ensures a very busy period rarely lasts too long.

Career Development

Considerable commitment and dedication to helping people achieve their career goals is evident by the number of team members who have been promoted through their time with us. We can show you a clear pathway to the next step and we’ll support you to the hilt with development to do that. Promotion here is down to your capability and drive, rather than time served and there is ample room at the senior level to achieve your career goals.


Finally and uniquely for our sector, each and every one of us will say it is our culture, which holds people. We are corporate finance with personality – we work to high standards but find time to have fun together too; social events (including the annual ski trip) are the norm. It’s a great place to work, where people matter and a work life balance is important. We are collaborative and collegiate and never compete internally; because together we achieve more.

Our Values

One Team







Katie Hobbs


Life before CG Results: My M&A career started as a summer intern at Goldman’s.  I then joined them and spent four years as an Analyst and then Associate. The biggest deal I worked on was the Telefonica O2 deal in the early 2000’s. My contribution was taxi’ing all the documents from Partner to Partner for […]

Kunal Kadiwar


Life before CG Results: I always wanted to work in Finance – I used to watch all the films like Wall St so I managed to get to LSE to study and then into the graduate programme at Bear Stearns, luckily leaving before the bad days. It was a while before I got into the […]

Lois Groden


Life before CG Results: Being brought up in the Midlands (of the UK) meant I got stuck into every activity going; from ballet and ballroom to every sport you might mention. At school I had more of a knack for the sciences and chose to do a Bachelor’s degree in Genetics. I soon figured the […]

Mark Williams


Life before CG Results: I grew up by the River Thames and went to the local grammar – I loved swimming and trained 8 times a week – although not in the river! I very nearly read Law at Uni and wanted to be a lawyer. It was a close run thing but switching to […]

Chloe Fraser

People Support Manager

Life before CG Results: Growing up in a little town on the Suffolk and Essex border my favourite activity was dancing – anything from tap to ballet to acro – see later. At school and in life my main interests centred around humanities; people and society so studying Sociology and Anthropology was a great choice […]

Achim Newrzella

Vice President

Life before CG Results: Early years in Huenxe, a small town near Dusseldorf, was followed by a very science focussed academic route. Deciding a lab wasn’t for me though, despite completing my PhD, didn’t take too long and I became increasingly keen on combining science with something more commercial so applied to CG Results and […]