CDMO Market Update

Kunal Kadiwar, Achim Newrzella, Bethany Kersse

We are pleased to share with you the CDMO Market Update – November 2021, where we analyse global M&A activity and public market valuations in the CDMO sector.

H1 2021 was an exceptional start to the year with 48 deals in total in the CDMO sector, almost reaching the total annual transactions in the previous four years (~50 transactions p.a. 2017-2020).

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Q1 saw the highest level of deal activity recorded in any three-month period. This was partly driven by deal backlog unwinding and partly by increased acquirer interest in the sector.

Deal momentum has remained strong through the summer, and we do not expect to see a slowdown in M&A activity in the near term.

Covid-19 had a noticeable impact on deal activity in Q2 of 2020, as companies needed to focus on the challenge of keeping manufacturing sites operational with the added pressure of increased demand from global health systems which left no bandwidth for corporate development activities.

We hope that you enjoy this report and look forward to discussing the data and underlying themes with you. If you are contemplating an acquisition, a divestment or growth strategy, please do get in touch.