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The Drum Agency Acceleration Day 2019 – sponsored by Results International

The Drum Agency Acceleration Day is all about growing your business designed for all marketing communication agencies, big and small. Results International are official partners and will be speaking at the event.

Learn how CEOs from the likes of Iris and other fast-growing agencies future-proof their business.

This one-day event will give you insightful, actionable and practical advice on all you need to know on how to reach the next level of success.

Our Session: 11.20am – 11.55am

How to make your business attractive to buyers: getting it right and avoiding common pitfalls

Selling your agency puts you on a path to freedom and security – but not all agencies are attractive to buyers. As your agency grows, there are some common questions that arise and pitfalls to avoid that are difficult to navigate without the right advice. This session will focus on sharing practical and hard-earned advice on key topics from attracting the best talent, to the KPIs you should be tracking, and executing your growth strategy. We will discuss the important factors that are key to success and how to unlock potential when building your business, as well as attracting the right buyers if you are considering selling.

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Key Points to cover

  • Attracting the best talent
  • KPIs you should be tracking
  • Executing a growth strategy – sales and marketing
  • Expanding Internationally
  • Specialist vs integrated
  • Hot sectors
  • What do buyers want?
  • Use of technology

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