Results International regularly hosts and attends events designed to help clients broaden both their understanding of major trends and issues

Fast Growth Icons – Sponsored by Results International

Fast Growth Icons offers a invitation-only network for founders of fast growing successes. Results International are official sponsors of Fast Growth Icons events.

These events deliver quality insights and connections to people building amazing businesses to help them create the $100m+ revenue stars of the future. By carefully curating the speakers and admitting, by invitation-only, the founders and CEOs of the best established and fastest growing businesses in the region.

Three of the things that you need to deliver a breakout success are motivation, knowledge, and knowing who to get help from at the right time. Fast Growth Icons helps by bringing together a carefully curated group of successful business leaders to share experiences and insights and to connect them to the people that can support their growth.

To find out more about Fast Growth Icons events, click here.

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