Marketing M&A highlights: a record number of acquisitions and unprecedented transformation


Marketing M&A highlights: A look back at 2018

Technology, changing consumer behaviour and disruptive new business models are forcing unprecedented levels of transformation across the marketing M&A landscape, and a number of new buyers have entered the space. The CG Results International infographic is produced every quarter by our team of marketing sector specialists who have been tracking the data since 2014.

2018 was a transition year for holding companies as they have been focusing on breaking down silos, becoming more agile and responding to brands needing to bring some services in-house. Meanwhile, consultancies have continued to invest in the space, albeit at a lower pace in the second half of the year. Despite this, we are still seeing a record number of acquisitions across marketing and technology. Our research shows that the number of marcoms deals grew by 4% from 847 in 2017 up to 882 in 2018.

Consultancies overall accounted for 23 of the marketing deals this year, 12 of which took place in Q4. Accenture completed 39% of all consultancy deals in 2018, followed by Capgemini and E&Y, which each acquired three marketing companies.

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As 2019 unfolds and deal activity shows no signs of slowing, Paul Georges-Picot and Antonia Ogunsola share highlights of our research on the external trends facing the marketing and technology industry.

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