Marketing Services: Global M&A and Public Company Performance – H1 2022

Julie Langley, James Kesner

We are pleased to share with you the H1 2022 Marketing Services Sector Review, where we analyse global M&A activity and public market performance in the marketing services sector.

H1 2022 has been an exciting and active period for M&A in the marketing services vertical with 425 deals recorded globally. This represents a 15% and 40% increase on volumes seen in the same period in 2021 (368 deals recorded) and 2020 (303 deals recorded) respectively.

Whilst growth remains a key driver of valuations across the space, capability and talent continue to inform wider M&A appetite with ongoing demand across verticals including data, ecommerce, digital transformation, performance and influencer. We also note ongoing good levels of activity in the B2B space as consolidation continues at pace.

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