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6th June 2018

Blockchain Technology : facilitating decentralisation in enterprise

Blockchain, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies The emergence of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum and Litecoin, has shone a light on the underlying blockchain technology and potential real-world applications of the decentralised, open source platform. Blockchain is to 2018 what AI was to 2017; the must-have pivot, innovation or sales patter driving corporate growth […]

Corporate News
30th May 2018

Corporate Finance Insight Week: 20th – 24th August

Typically, people coming into corporate finance (Investment Banking/Mergers & Acquisitions) tend to be from quite a narrow background. We would like to change this. We have put together a programme called the Corporate Finance Insight Week with the aim to give young people that might not otherwise have considered or had the opportunity to consider […]

27th April 2018

PR M&A Stays Healthy in Q1, with Continuing Interest in Specialist Agencies

Our latest research into the global M&A for PR agencies shows that the market remains vibrant. There were 14 deals involving PR agencies in Q1 2018, out of 193 for the entire marcoms sector, making it the third most-active subsector behind only full-service digital and website UX. It continues the strong showing of PR M&A […]

18th April 2018

Julie Langley on where next for WPP after Sorrell’s departure

Partner Julie Langley speaks to Aaron Heslehurst on BBC World News about the latest on WPP’s succession planning, M&A strategy including selling off, competition with the management consultancies and where to next, post-Sir Martin Sorrell.

19th January 2018

The Year Ahead – Navigating Uncertain Times in 2018

The Big Changes in Marcoms 2018 Who is doing the buying in 2018? Where are they buying in 2018? What are they buying in 2018? Partner Julie Langley shares our recent research on the big trends that we’re seeing in the marcoms industry at Campaign’s latest Breakfast Briefing. Video Highlights Download the Report

17th October 2017

Management consultancies vs holding companies – The Full Story

To date only three of the global consultancies have established marketing specific divisions and these are all relatively new developments with IBM creating IX in 2014 and Accenture and Deloitte launching Interactive and Digital arms in 2009 and 2012 respectively. In terms of scale, the revenues/ staffing numbers do not yet compare with that of […]

5th October 2017

How Technology Titans are Tackling a 3 Trillion Dollar Opportunity – Google, Amazon, and Apple Move into U.S. Healthcare

Having transformed the way we connect, shop and entertain ourselves, Alphabet (parent company of Google), Amazon, and Apple are now making big bets on bringing transformative technology to another aspect of our lives, health. The three technology giants are gaining a significant foothold in the $3 trillion US healthcare market and have started activating their […]


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