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27th September 2022

Pharma Commercialisation Services Update – September 2022

Welcome to our latest update on the outsourced Pharma Commercialisation Services sector.  As well as our usual update on M&A activity, this report takes a deep dive into one of the biggest challenges businesses are currently facing – the War for Talent. A phrase first coined by McKinsey in the late ’90s but one that […]

8th September 2022

Global skills shortages fuel innovative HRTech solutions

The HRTech sector is more active than it has ever been before with the pandemic accelerating the adoption of technology across all HR processes. No longer seen as an administrative function, HR is now viewed as a strategic business unit focusing on the mission critical challenge of identifying and recruiting top talent but also retaining […]

Corporate News
3rd August 2022

We are joining forces with Canaccord Genuity

We are very excited to share that we have agreed to join forces with Canaccord Genuity – a leading full-service investment bank serving growth companies in the middle market.  This is an important milestone in our journey and we wanted to update you on why we’ve taken this decision and what it means for you. […]

27th July 2022

Transforming healthcare with real-world evidence (RWE)

The healthcare industry experienced a revolutionary shift when it switched from practising medicine as an art to evidence-based medicine, which is based on relatively simple randomised clinical trials to determine which treatment option was safe and effective. Through the years, evidence-based medicine became the gold standard for clinical development. However, this method has become less […]

19th July 2022

The Technology Services Perspective – Q2 2022

H1 2022 deal volumes have increased significantly across the board, up 37% over H1 2021. Strategic M&A continues to drive this quarter’s deal activity, namely acquiring footholds in near/offshore hotspots, vendor-specific tech stacks (particularly AWS, Salesforce and SAP) and or next-gen capabilities, such as conversational AI and data analytics. Public tech companies broadly tracked the […]

19th July 2022

The CyberScope – Q2 2022

Cybersecurity multiples remain at a higher level than other technology verticals and revenue multiples are trading above pre-COVID 19 levels, whilst M&A volumes and values continue to outpace other sectors – all in spite of widespread depressed public market valuations. With the sector expected to strengthen against the increasing sophistication of hackers, established players continue […]

19th July 2022

The Enterprise Stack – Q2 2022

The private M&A markets recorded just north of 500 deals for the quarter, a number significantly greater than that recorded in Q2 of 2021 (399), and well above pre-pandemic levels. This quarter further witnessed one of the biggest acquisitions in tech history – Broadcom’s $69Bn acquisition of VMware, as the chipmaker seeks to diversify and […]

19th July 2022

The Global Technology Market Review – Q2 2022

Private deal activity and valuations within the global technology market remain high in spite of macroeconomic uncertainty. M&A continues to be driven by further adoption of cloud and next-gen technologies, increased focus on strategic tuck-ins, and launching in new markets. As geopolitical uncertainty continues to impact public markets, the outlook for the second half of […]

5th July 2022

5 Keys to Successfully Raising Series B and Later Rounds for SaaS Companies

Much has already been written regarding raising capital that talks about the need to start a process early, getting your pitch right, and that you should talk to a wide spectrum of investors. Whilst all true, what isn’t as well covered are the specifics of what you need to do to improve your chances of […]


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