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6th April 2022

Partnering with Private Equity: Insights and perspectives from Tony Hill  at Sideshow and Dominic Graham at Waterland Private Equity

In February of 2021, Sideshow, an independent digital group, partnered with Waterland Private Equity to support its ambitious growth plans to continue building a group of highly connected digital brands. One year on we caught up with Sideshow’s Tony Hill, Founder and CEO, and Dominic Graham, Investment Director at Waterland to discuss the journey to […]

29th March 2022

DCAT’s Back / Back at DCAT

For the first time in forever it felt like the good old days were back in midtown Manhattan at everyone’s favourite pharma supply chain conference The hotels. The meetings. The dinners. Walking up and down Lexington Avenue and bumping into friends and colleagues. It was all happening again at DCAT last week in New York. […]

28th March 2022

The growing impact of Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) on pharmaceutical supply chains.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been touted as the final nail in the coffin of globalisation, confirming the nationalisation of key industries and products. With respect to pharmaceutical manufacturing, this is accelerating a trend which has been ongoing for 10 years, the repatriation of drug manufacturing from Asia to the US and Europe has […]

7th March 2022

Get your KPIs right and your MSP will attract broad trade and investor interest

M&A appetite for MSPs continues to surge with broad buyer interest across the ecosystem, meaning that if your MSP is showing the right characteristics there will be lots of options to realise value. So what does good look like and who will be interested? Click to read Managed Service Providers – What are the right […]

28th February 2022

Marketing Services: Global M&A and Public Company Performance FY 2021

We are pleased to share with you the FY 2021 Marketing Services Sector Review, where we analyse global M&A activity and public market performance in the marketing services sector. The M&A market for Marketing Services remains dynamic with 2021 deal volume up by over 25% on 2020 levels at 756 versus 602 total deals respectively. […]

23rd February 2022

Discovery CROs: what is the “balanced business model” and how is this valued?

Discovery Contract Research Organisations (“CROs”) essentially provide lab-based discovery services such as medicinal chemistry, biological screening etc to pharma companies and biotech, and this business segment has exploded in size, sophistication and value in recent years and is now a focus of both M&A and PE investment. This is covered in our forthcoming white paper […]

10th February 2022

DCAT Week, 21 – 24 March 2022

New York City
1st February 2022

The CyberScope – FY 2021

Cyber security became a top priority for CEOs and world leaders in 2021, fuelled by a rise in nation-state attacks and ransomware. An evolving cyber threat landscape coupled with a growing skills shortage in the sector has required organisations to urgently invest and scale their security systems and processes. 2021 finished strongly with 183 transactions, […]

1st February 2022

The Enterprise Stack – FY 2021

A sustained demand for AI and data-driven technologies in 2021 ensured both private and public markets were increasingly active and drove more M&A activity in the Enterprise Software sector than ever before. The year rounded off on a high with total disclosed deal values in Q4 reaching close to $100Bn with Results having completed seven […]


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