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The Results Healthcare team is dedicated to advising large pharma corporates and smaller biotech businesses as well as companies which provide direct technical services to these companies, on bringing innovative drugs and treatments to market for the benefit of patients and society.

Our extensive international relationships in the pharma and biotech industry sets us apart from our competitors and our focus on supporting our clients in their strategic initiatives to create new business models, drive external growth and increase profitability, makes us the unrivalled advisor for the sector.

Pharma & Biotech Deals

Jan 2022
has divested its API manufacturing site in Cramlington, UK, to
Nov 2021
has made an investment in
company name confidential
May 2021
has formed a strategic alliance with
Mar 2021
has licensed the patents and know-how to its Crystalomics Formulation Technology to
Jan 2021
has divested its Mirabel manufacturing site in Riom, France to
Jan 2021
has divested its Ringaskiddy analytics and testing site to
Oct 2020
has divested its Poznań, Poland manufacturing site to
Sep 2020
has divested its Barcelona manufacturing sites to
Sep 2020
has divested its Segré, France manufacturing facility to
May 2020
has acquired

Latest Insights

10th December 2020

Cell and Gene Therapies: Challenges in Scale-up to Commercial Manufacturing

The cellular therapy and gene therapy fields are undergoing very rapid growth. This includes a large and growing number of products in the development pipeline, and new products with significant sales, including blockbusters, now entering world markets. Billions are being invested in research and commercial development with markets in $10s of billions expected in the […]

30th May 2020

Biotech share prices in this COVID-19 era and the rollercoaster impact of remdesivir

Although the exact numbers are yet to be known, the virus has claimed nearly 220,000 lives and infected more than 3 million people globally. The COVID-19 outbreak is proving every week to be more of an economic event than a sanitary one. Numerous economic data releases from various countries every week are gloomy and prove […]

27th May 2020

Generic Pharmaceutical Market: M&A Activity

The global generic pharmaceutical market has experienced robust deal activity over the last 18 months to the end of 2019 but is now contending with the COVID-19 crisis which has had an immediate and unprecedented impact on health systems. It is yet unclear what the long-term general impact on generic drug usage will be, but […]