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As sector-led advisers across the technology and healthcare sectors, it is natural that the junction between these areas should be an area of specialism for us. Technology continues to have a profound impact on how drugs are discovered, developed and commercialised; equally, care providers are increasingly finding ways to improve outcomes for patients and service users by adopting new technologies for treatment, for data collection and analytics, and for enhancing their operational efficiency.

We have completed transactions in a range of areas within Healthcare IT, including scientific workflow solutions, digital health and insight generation. We continue to be inspired by our clients’ commitment to innovation and contribution to better health outcomes globally.

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Latest Insights

19th January 2021

Big Tech in Healthcare

In the fall of 2017, CG Results Healthcare issued a report on how, after having transformed the way we shop, entertain ourselves, and even socially interact with one another, Alphabet (Google), Amazon, and Apple were making big bets on bringing transformative technology to another aspect of our lives — our health. Back then, we observed […]

8th July 2020

Blockchain applications in clinical trials and the impact of COVID-19

Blockchain technology first came on the scene in 2017. Since then it has generated high expectations: blockchain applications in clinical trials have always had the potential to automate outdated ways of working and rapidly piece together disparate data sets, in a secure and auditable manner. Somehow, it seems as if blockchain failed to live up […]

28th May 2020

The role of AI in defeating COVID-19

Given the ever-expanding scale and rapid speed at which coronavirus is spreading, the role of AI in defeating COVID-19 has become a focal point for the life sciences sector. Artificial intelligence (AI) tools used in healthcare are set to uncover possibilities for patients, doctors, and researchers, enabling them to make more informed decisions and achieve […]