Lois Groden

Life before CG Results:

Being brought up in the Midlands (of the UK) meant I got stuck into every activity going; from ballet and ballroom to every sport you might mention. At school I had more of a knack for the sciences and chose to do a Bachelor’s degree in Genetics. I soon figured the lab was not for me and I followed that with a Masters in Biotech and Business and specialised in licensing. This led me to CG Results where it’s taken three years to get on to my first licensing deal, but it was worth the wait.

Why M&A

I love getting to meet and having the opportunity to work with the talented and passionate individuals from across not only the Life Sciences and Healthcare sector, but also the wider community involved in the entire M&A process.

Most enjoyable deal

We had such a great team on the Admescope/Symeres deal (although I enjoy working with all of my colleagues) and it was also our first sell-side transaction in the CRO sector, as well as one completed during the Covid outbreak. The client was also lovely and great to work with - always an added bonus.

Proudest moment

I had four deals which closed in Q1 of 2021, which was tough given Lockdown 3.0 in the UK due to Covid, but ultimately really rewarding.

Best and worst thing about moving to London

It’s a toss-up between easily being able to see my friends a lot and having amazing restaurants on my doorstep. Clearly I could wish for lower rent and could have lived without the early years in endless spare rooms, but I am currently in the process of buying my own first flat so that’s exciting (and a relief).

Favourite film

This is a tough question, but I can quote the entirety of My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

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