Jane Newell Brown

Consultant - People Director, Europe

A passion for people; their wellbeing, development and contribution towards an organisation’s success is the driving force behind Jane’s role as Consultant – People Director at CG Results. An early interest in business, followed by decades of experience in supporting people businesses from both a commercial and a people perspective means that she has enjoyed successful long-term relationships with most of her clients and CG Results is no exception.

Her focus is on learning and development, HR practice, OD, and wider business consultancy. She has a specific interest in the professionalism of recruitment as a service and industry and is a published author (Kogan Page) of two books on the topic.

Outside of work, Jane is now licking her new coastal house and garden in Suffolk into shape and continues to pride herself at being the first on the dance floor at parties

Success is achieved by developing our strengths, not eliminating our weaknesses - Marilyn Vos Savant

Latest Insights

14th April 2020

Leadership resilience during Covid-19

The current pandemic has tested and is testing, all leader’s capacity to adapt and change. There’s no rule book, but a key indicator to how both you, as a leader, and your wider team come out of this successfully, is resilience. How resilient are you? As we emerge from the Easter weekend there is both […]

Corporate News
30th May 2018

Corporate Finance Insight Week: 20th – 24th August

Typically, people coming into corporate finance (Investment Banking/Mergers & Acquisitions) tend to be from quite a narrow background. We would like to change this. We have put together a programme called the Corporate Finance Insight Week with the aim to give young people that might not otherwise have considered or had the opportunity to consider […]