Regina Gabitova

Vice President, Europe

Regina is a Vice President at CG Results Healthcare, having joined the firm in June 2019. She has approximately seven years of experience within corporate advisory and investment banking.

In previous roles, she focused on European transactions in the pharma, biotech and medtech space. She has been involved in a number of sale processes such as the sale of majority stake of Simbec Orion Group to CBPE, and the sale of Atopix to Chiesi; out-licensing transactions such as the licensing of ex-European rights for Lysogene’s orphan drug candidate LYS-SAF302 to Sarepta, the licensing of Shield’s Feraccru to Norgine in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and the licensing of DBV Technologies’ paediatric milk allergy diagnostic to Nestle Health Sciences; and buyside processes including Midatech’s merger with US-listed oncology firm Dara Biosciences.

Regina holds a Masters Degree in Economics and Mathematics from University of St Andrews, Scotland. She is a native Russian speaker.

Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. - Edward Abbey

Latest Insights

30th May 2020

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28th May 2020

The role of AI in defeating COVID-19

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20th May 2020

Moderna Coronavirus vaccine trial shows promising early results and the markets move positively

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15th November 2019

Private equity appetite for the life sciences sector

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