The Global Technology Market Review – Q1 2022

Chris Lewis, Julie Langley, Mark Williams, Richard Latner, Albert Kouzminski, William Garbutt, Vinay Saraiwala, Ramanan Thavendran, Ryan Wheeler McKinley

Despite a backdrop of some macroeconomic uncertainty, private M&A activity within the global technology market saw a record quarter for deal volumes. This was delivered on the back of continued adoption of cloud technologies, increased focus on strategic tuck-ins, investment into hybrid work environments and software vendors seeking to deepen their security posture.

As public market valuations cooled slightly and saw a notable slowdown in activity, there was an increased focus from larger PE funds in public to private transactions. March showed early signs of market recovery and it is expected that the public markets will normalise later in 2022.

In our Global Technology Market Review, we analyse valuations, M&A activity, and broader trends in the key technology markets of enterprise software, technology services and cybersecurity. We hope that you enjoy this report and look forward to discussing the data and underlying themes with you. If you are contemplating fundraising, exit or growth through acquisitions, please do get in touch.

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