The Global Technology Market Review – Q3 2021

Chris Lewis, Julie Langley, Mark Williams, Richard Latner, Albert Kouzminski, Vinay Saraiwala, Ramanan Thavendran

Deal activity has continued to increase following a strong Q2 and the path to recovery from the global pandemic is increasingly clear on account of re-opening economies, record-breaking stock markets and an abundant supply of cheap capital fueling investor appetite. The technology market remains very strong for M&A and public trading, and optimism for future growth remains very healthy across all the technology sectors we track.

M&A continues to be driven by strong levels of investment by private equity and trade to further accelerate the adoption of technology in the wake of Covid-19, acquire capability in next-gen, cloud-first tech stacks and end-to-end premium services, and satisfy an increasing need for cloud security and zero-trust network access solutions We expect this strong momentum to continue for the duration of 2021.

Valuation multiples are also consistently strong this quarter, resulting in several IPOs across the sectors we track, primarily of software companies. Subsectors with proven sustainable growth trajectories and strong underlying metrics continue to be the front runners.

In our Global Technology Market Review, we analyse valuations, M&A activity and broader trends in the key technology markets of enterprise software, technology services and cybersecurity. We hope that you enjoy this report and look forward to discussing the data and underlying themes with you. If you are contemplating fundraising, exit or growth through acquisitions, please do get in touch.

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